So, you want to break your cell phone contract without incurring encumbersome fees. What can you do about the two-year contract that you are locked into? There are several ways that you can effectively negate your cell phone contract without having to pay an early termination fee. As a side note, known of these suggestions involves ingenious escape tricks or faking your own disappearance. Here are six suggestions that have proven effective at freeing boggled down mobile phone users from their old and out-dated contract.

Read the Fine Print of Your Contract

If you have recently signed up for new service, there is a simple way to break your cell phone contract. You will commonly find a clause in the contract that allows someone to drop the contract within the first fourteen to thirty days of service. You will only have to pay a prorated amount for the length of time that you used the service. In order to break your mobile contract this way, you have to call or visit your cell phone carrier for more information.

Find Someone to Take Over Your Contract

You may have heard of people finding someone to take over their auto loan or mortgage. Thanks to the power of the Internet, you can now do the same with a cell phone contract. Before you abandon ship though, there are some requirements that you and the potential candidate must meet.

There are now many websites dedicated to cell phone contract transferring/swapping. For example, you can find someone who might want to take over your contract at . This is a site that specializes in connecting individuals, who want to transfer their cell phone contract, with someone who is interesting in obtaining a new contract. This is probably one of the most effective ways of breaking your mobile contract and believe it or not, it is fairly quick and effective.

One consideration to keep in mind so that you do not get bombarded with a hefty early termination fee is to be sure that the potential candidate for your contract meets all of the qualifications, such as a credit check.

Relocate to another Area

Okay, so this may seem like a drastic way to get out of your cell phone contract. If a person moves to an area that there current cell phone carrier does not service then the contract is no longer in effect. It is quite simple to change your address with a cell phone carrier. Now, this option does not have a high success rating since cell phone coverage has grown immensely, but it is always worth a shot. In addition, if you have a move imminent in the near future, one perk may be the ability to change cell phone carriers should you desire to do so.
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4 Responses to “How to break your cell phone contract without breaking the bank!”

  1. jignesh Says:

    i have a 3 hutchison contract for 18 months started on march 4 2009,before this i was spending 15 pounds on phone monthly,
    how i got in to this is by a chain of shop called “discount mobile communication” they had about 16 stores in uk,but this was a corn,they opened 16 units in feb this yr,put addvert on television for selling cheap mobile contract phone by giving cash back.
    these people where selling 3hutchison contracts only.
    i was corned,they gave me a refurbished phone with a 3g contract and a cashback offer,the contract is 36 pounds a mnth for 18 months.cashback was by post dated cheuque every 3rd month of 42 pound so i end up paying 18 pound a month.
    but the compnay declared themself into admin on april 28 thats just before the first cheuque date of all their customers, we all have to pay the contracted amount to 3g.
    i feel so bad that we all where corned by this network and the team how worked along on the name of “discount mobile communication”
    now i need to break the contract because i can not pay so much money i dont have.but i m scared that if i stop direct debit my credit history will be effected.
    please help me my email id is, i live in the UK.

  2. Linda K. Says:

    I was a proud member of Verizon for over 2 years and when it came to cancel my contract, I was charged UNBELIEVABLE fees. I was so furious and I wanted to find ways to save money. It was suggested that I check out the website

    it really saved me a lot of money and I have been using Net10 ever since.

    I HIGHLY SUGGEST checking out

    TIRED OF CELLPHONE COMPANIES STEALING MY MONEY!!!! this one is actually fair!

  3. barbara salminen Says:

    need to get out of paying high fees after 30 days found out too expensive for me!$240.00 to quit then I lost the phone reported it instanly but they still sending a bill about 2/3 mos later they decided I did lose the phone tried to say I was using it NO way! I have been paying on it off /on they want to settle for $100.00 I don;t belive I owe that amt. $168.04 is thier charges how do I get out ?From verison fees

  4. NSK Says:

    It is regarding T-mobile. I purchased a phone at costco and returned it within a week due to some problem in accessing internet. But, I could not get another phone from COSTCO due to that incident. T-mobile took the purchase/return as an upgrade and my account updated as if I am having new phone. I spent several hours with T-mobile to sort out this issue, but they never could. Very bad customer service in turn company. I am struct with that horrible company as I am under contract.

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