How to Keep Your Cell Phone From Taking Over Your Life

Written by Administrator on November 21st, 2010 in Cell Phone Tips.

Cellphone Life ConsumedCell phones have become much more then simply a means of communicating with others. Instead, they have evolved into portable, multi-media centers. Many cell phones contain built-in computers, video recording capabilities and cameras. With the ability to both call and text family members and friends, traditional communication has taken a beating. While I fully recognize the value of the cell phone, I have to be honest when I say that it has taken over many of our lives. Some people are unwilling to go anywhere without their cell phone. Others will completely ignore the people that they’re with, in order to text or talk to someone else. Below are several things that people can do to prevent their cell phone from taking over their life.

a. When out and about with someone only use the phone for emergencies: It is incredibly rude to be hanging out with someone, take a call from someone else and then continue to talk to that person, while the other person sits there alone. If you are supposed to spend time with someone, than you need to do exactly that. Stay off the phone. This includes sending and receiving texts, unless it is an emergency.

b. Get off your phone while driving: There are very few reasons why a person needs to be talking on their cell phone while they are driving. Talking on the phone while driving is very dangerous. In fact, some studies have shown that it is as dangerous as driving drunk.

c. Never text while behind the wheel: Texting may be even worse than talking on the phone while driving because a person is forced to use their hands while texting. Everyone knows that a driver’s hands need to be on the wheel. Too many fatal accidents have occurred because someone just had to send a text while driving.

d. Hang up the phone while out to dinner: When a person is out to eat, people should refrain from having a long and loud conversation on the phone. Not only is this rude to the person they are dining with but also so for the other patrons in the restaurant. No one wants to hear someone else’s phone conversation while they are trying to enjoy a nice dinner out.

e. Visit people in person every now and again: It is perfectly okay to visit someone in person. There are communication options aside from sending texts or calling them on the phone. A good old-fashion, face-to-face visit is often much appreciated from time to time.

Cell phones have become an important part of our culture. We have come to rely on them and may even be a bit spoiled by how convenient they are as well as their ability to connect us not only to our family members and friends but to people all over globe. The ability to use the internet, play games, watch TV, record and share videos makes our cell phones multi-media outlets of sorts. This can be both positive and negative. Either way, it is important to prevent our cell phones from taking over our lives. A willingness to continue to connect in traditional ways is a great place to start.

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