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Written by Administrator on November 30th, 2007 in Cell Phone Tips.

Tip No. 1: TV Shows on mobile phones

Mobile phones that offer video capabilities have been existence for quite some time now. TV Shows on mobile, however, are not that common yet. The best that a mobile phone plan has to offer currently are clips of video from TV shows such as ESPN and the “Daily Show” from Comedy Central. Other mobile phone manufacturers are still in the development stage in providing phones that are designed to view live video feeds from high-speed network providers. In the future, not only will people’s favorite TV shows be shown on mobile but also new shows which will be designed only for the mobile phone.

Tip No. 2: Pre-paid against Post-paid plans.

Pre-paid bonuses? Yes! It is often mistaken that there are no add-ons when it comes to pre-paid mobile phones. Mobile carriers like Liberty Wireless and Tracfone including also some major mobile access providers do offer bonuses for their pre-paid lines. This makes the users very happy and the lawyers grumpy.

A carrier providing pre-paid mobile services includes bonuses to beat the competition offering the same pre-paid services. Most carriers offer the usual call waiting, voice mail, 911 connect, caller ID and long distance nationwide services. As an added extra bonus, more carriers provide unlimited calls and text for a certain period in days, weeks or months. It depends on the type of loading that is chosen.

When comparing mobile phone plans you can visit sites like wirefly.com and compare them. If bonuses or extra perks are not indicated on these sites you can always request it from the carriers.
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