Verizon Chocolate Reviews

Written by Administrator on November 4th, 2007 in Cell Phone Reviews.

verizon chocolate reviews

Design: Sleek style

The Verizon Chocolate puts a strong emphasis on style and, dare I say, flavor of cell phones. There are many cell phones that are marketed to specific groups, and the only demographic I can picture the Chocolate being marketed to is 1970s detective Shaft, or those that want to be like him. This phone attempts to create a style that can only be described as smooth, and Verizon does so quite well.

Features: Full functionality

The Chocolate features Bluetooth compatibility, which is convenient for many users. In addition, the Chocolate also comes with 64 MB of memory and has a slot for a SD card, which is very beneficial for the phone’s ability to support media. The Chocolate supports mp3 and WMA formats, while allowing you to multitask and play music in the background. In addition to music, this Verizon phone also takes 1 megapixel pictures, allows for streaming video, and can record up to one hour of QCIF resolution video.

Performance: Smoothness overrides standard measurements

The Chocolate is a slide-form phone with a sleek design and smoothly designed color plates to match. Weighing in at 3.24 oz., this definitely is not the smallest or lightest phone on the market, but its compact style will make you forget about 1.72 of those ounces.

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