Helio Heat Review

Written by Administrator on November 1st, 2007 in Cell Phone Reviews.

helio heat review

Design: Sleek and slim

The Helio Heat puts a large emphasis on being small and compact. Coming in at 3.6″ x 1.8″ x 0.6″, I would not describe the Heat as tiny, but would instead say that this slide-form phone is adequately sized. The design focuses on having all the features that a phone should, but without unnecessary space. The buttons are satisfactory for use, and they do not infringe on other buttons’ territories.

Features: Technologically packed, but without the memory

The idea behind the Heat is to provide an affordable device that has a few “extra” technology features. This Helio phone comes with Bluetooth technology, which is very convenient for most people. The Heat does feature several standard features we expect from modern cell phones, such as streaming video, one megapixel photos, video capture (14 fps), and a music player. However, a large downside to these features is the lack of adequate memory to really take advantage of these features. The Heat only has 136MB of shared memory. The lack of memory space defeats the purpose of having all those great features.

Performance: Moderate longevity

The Helio Heat suffers from a lamentably short battery life, clocking in at only three hours of talk time and eight days of standby time. After the normal wear and tear that most cell batteries take after usage, I imagine the Heat will become less of a wireless phone and more of a house phone. This is especially unfortunate, as Helio is marketing the Heat as the affordable cousin to its other cell phones. Being so affordable, I would imagine reliability would be of greater concern, but it falls short.
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