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CricKet Review: Low cost, poor network infrastructure

Written by Administrator on Saturday, October 20th, 2007 in Cricket Cell Phone Reviews.

An operating subsidiary of Leap Wireless International, CricKet prides itself in providing services to customers who are frustrated with the service of other cellular subscribers. Offering a wide range of plans to its customers, CricKet is considered to be one of the cheapest cell phone services available in the United States.

Benefits of CricKet

Little to no documentation: Unlike other cell phone providers, you could get a CricKet Mobile phone service with minimal documentation. This also means that you could be spared from signing one or two year contracts, which is not the case with other service providers.

Cost effectiveness: CricKet Phone services are known to be the most cost-effective of all other service providers. The highest priced plan of CricKet, CricKet Nation 200, is priced at $60 per month, with the lowest priced plan extending to $30 a month. There really is no other cheaper provider on the market.

Free text messaging: Unlike some other cellular service companies who charge their users for text messaging, CricKet offers free text messaging with all their plans. This allows users to send as many text messages as they want without being charged with a cost per message.

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