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Review of Boost Mobile: Good plans, poor service

Written by Administrator on Monday, October 22nd, 2007 in Boost Mobile Cell Phone Reviews.

Boost Mobile launched its mobile phone services in 2002 and has a large customer base of approximately four million subscribers. Boost Mobile was launched by Nextel in 2002 and since then has maintained a level customer turn-over rate.

Benefits of Boost Mobile

IDEN Phones: Most of the Boost Mobile Phones are operational on IDEN Phones. The IDEN service is responsible for Boost Mobile’s ability to provide extensive features to their customer base. These features include the walkie-talkie, GPS, ringtone, wallpapers, downloads, and much more. The walkie-talkie has been a very customer friendly feature for many users.

Good call quality: With Boost Mobile using most of Sprint’s IDEN and CDMA, users of Boost Mobile are always assured of good call quality. You could now go to any part of the United States and be virtually assured of good connectivity.

Pay as You Go: Boost Mobile offers its users the option to pay for flexible usage of their cell phone service. This is quite a change from many other cellular service providers who charge their customers fixed rates every month. With Boost Mobile, you only pay for the time that you use on your cell phone.

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