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Comprehensive Review of AT&T Wireless: Good Options, Poor Service

Written by Administrator on Tuesday, October 9th, 2007 in AT&T Cell Phone Reviews.

AT&T Cell Phone Reviews

AT&T’s power as a wireless cell phone service carrier is demonstrated through their dominance of the American market. Currently, with 62 million cell phone subscribers, AT&T is the largest wireless cell phone carrier in the United States. With this large presence come certain subscriber benefits, as well as potential drawbacks of AT&T’s wireless cell phone service.

AT&T Benefits

Fewest dropped calls
According to independent research, AT&T asserts that they have the fewest dropped calls of any wireless cell phone network carrier. However, the strength of this statement depends upon the area in which you live and use your cell phone; metropolitan areas tend to have better cell phone reception than less populated regions.

Rollover plan
AT&T is currently the only wireless cell phone provider that allows you to take unused minutes into the next month. This flexible plan ensures that you do not waste unused cell phone minutes, but rather utilize them when you need them. However, the unused minutes do expire one year from the month of accumulation. In addition, if you decide to change or downgrade your cell phone plan, then you lose the associated rollover minutes. For example, if you switch from 750 minutes to a 500 minutes plan, then AT&T re-calculates and prorates the amount of rollover minutes for your new, lower cell phone plan.

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