T-Mobile is a popular cell phone provider in the United States that offers unique pricing plans and packages. After winning awards for Wireless Customer Service and Highest Call Quality from J.D Power and Associates, T-Mobile has undergone rigorous marketing plans to widen its customer base.

Benefits of T-Mobile

Many individual and corporate users have provided glowing reports about the T-Mobile cell phones and services. We analyzed the masses of reviews, as it is the personal experience that is the main indicator of the true value and service of T-Mobile.

Good reception
T-Mobile users originally praised the services of T-Mobile on the connectivity it offers on its phones. Many people had given positive feedback in regards to the strong signal networks of T-Mobile. If you sign up for service with T-Mobile, they will provide you with a signal map of the surrounding reception levels around your home and work. However, over an extensive period of time, many users have rescinded their praise after experience unreliable cell phone signals, even in their own backyard. The quality of the reception depends upon where you live, with urban areas obtaining the highest amount of reliable cell phone coverage.

Variety of Plans
T-Mobile’s cell phone plans are tailored to almost everyone’s needs. T-Mobile offers its customers to choice from seven different plans, with each plan group having prices ranging from $30 to $140. A person on any size budget could afford to buy T-Mobile service for their mobile communication needs. This variety of plans is the strongest asset T-Mobile communications offers its customers. For example, they have a “Fave Five” program where all comes that are made or received from your “Fave Five” phone numbers are free, including ones with domestic hard phone lines.


Good Call Quality
For most users, especially those in urban areas, when you use a T-Mobile service, you are assured of good call quality. With a tremendous cell-phone review from J.D Power and Associates for their call quality, most users experience good call volume and hearing clarity when using their T-Mobile cell phones.

Disadvantages of T-Mobile

Although T-Mobile does have strong reception and call quality in most urban areas, there are still aspects of their service that need improvement.

Rigid Contract Terms
Many T-Mobile users have complained that their contract terms, especially the duration of the contract, are too long. With most of T-Mobile contracts requiring users to stay with them for several years, subscribers must either remain with the carrier or pay heavy cancellation fees. If you decide to choose T-Mobile, choose your contract terms carefully; although they will offer you higher rebate enticements on phones if you sign a two year contract, it may not be in your best financial interest in the long-term.

Lack of helpful support
T-Mobile’s customer support has a less than stellar record. For many customers, they are unsatisfied with the customer service assistance at T-Mobile; regardless if their problem is a technical issue about coverage or one about the contract, it is difficult to obtain effective customer service. By glancing at cell phone user reviews about T-Mobile, their biggest gripe with the company is their lack-luster customer support.

Overall Rating (6/10): Based on the many negative cell phone reviews provided by T-Mobile users, T-Mobile receives an average overall ranking. Its affordable and versatile plans, combined with its call quality, boosts it’s ranking above its mediocre customer service. If you are looking for an affordable plan that meets your cell phone usage needs, but are willing to sacrifice customer service quality, then T-Mobile is an excellent choice that is good on your pocket.

3 Responses to “T- Mobile Review: a classic case of over-promise and under-delivery”

  1. Barbara Levin Says:

    Please note however, that T-Mobile will hold you to their contract EVEN IF THE PHONE YOU BOUGHT DOESN’T WORK. The best they’ offer is a “free upgrade” that will extend your contract with them even longer. (Not a good option if you’re already upset with them because your phone doesn’t work and their customer service was unresponsive.)

  2. Leonie Says:

    I have had T-Mobile since August 2008. At first I had 1 or 2 bars where I live. Around May last year it deteriorated to absolutely no signal. I tried calling them many times, and each time they either put me on hold forever or said, according to their map I “should” have coverage. I know it is not due to the phone itself because in my office (3 miles away from where I live) I have 4 bars. And I know it is not due to the construction of my building because, after having no signal with T-Mobile for 3 months, I got a phone with another provider and have 3 bars on that phone. I communicated this with T-Mobile for many times, and they have refused to terminate my contract on the ground that according to their map I “should” have coverage, even though it is obvious that I haven’t been able to use my phone for the past 10 months. At most I got a “we will file for an investigation for you,” but nothing ever improves! Their “coverage map” does NOT reflect reality, and they refuse to admit that! So I have paid for a phone I can’t use at home for 10 months, and they expect me to continue to pay till August 2010! People who know me will know that I rarely ever make any blanket statement like this, but T-Mobile’s Customer Service SUCKS!

  3. betty Says:

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