Nextel/Sprint has a wide subscriber list with close to 55 Million Subscribers. Created in 2005 as NEXTEL Communications, the original NEXTEL was bought out by the Sprint Corporation. This merger meant users could get a range of benefits from Sprint and NEXTEL both. In terms of translating to tangibles, Sprint/NEXTEL is known as a user-friendly company.

Benefits of Sprint/NEXTEL

Power Pack Plans: Sprint/NEXTEL previously offered Free Incoming Plans to their users, but they were recently replaced by Power Pack Plans. These Power Pack Plans have resulted in many Sprint users increasing their positive reviews regarding the service. Competitive in rates with other cell phone providers like Verizon, Power Pack offers users a “pay as you go” alternative. This plan offers users of Sprint the opportunity to buy minutes at a nominal fee of $0.25 per minute as opposed to buying “x” minutes for a flat fee from other subscribers.

Discounts for users with expired contracts: Any user, who had previously signed a two-year agreement with Sprint/NEXTEL, obtains attractive discounts for signing a new two-year agreement with Sprint/NEXTEL. For many customers, it is a great perk to be rewarded for staying with the service.

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  1. sandy jump Says:

    I have a phone that should I keep, I would like to get Sprint/Nextel Service on immediately. Please let me know if LG phones are comparable.

    Thank you.

    Sandy Jump

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