Helio Review: Only for the technology savvy users

Written by Administrator on October 23rd, 2007 in Helio Reviews.

Founded by Earthlink and launched in May 2006, Helio is possibly the smallest of all cellular service providers. When they started offering services to customers in the USA, they leased lines from Sprint to provide the service. Helio, having a major corporate backing from SK Telecom in Korea, intends to target a certain group of users with its technologically advanced phones. Strategically, this cuts down Helio’s market size by 50% even before the phones hit the market.

Benefits of Helio

Sophisticated phones with cutting edge technology: Helio offers phones that are different and more sophisticated than the traditional fare. Helio offers handsets to users who have a taste for technology and technical gizmos.

Good roaming features: Helio leases the lines of Sprint to provide its services. In the areas where Sprint does not work well, Helio Phones go onto automatic toggling mode to the network of ALLTEL, US Cellular. This allows customers of Helio to stay connected with their Helio Phone wherever they go in the United States.

Unlimited Data Plans: Helio phone users benefit tremendously from free unlimited data plans. This allows unlimited text to be exchanged through the mobile phones. This could be a welcome relief for all the users who had limitations with their earlier phone service providers.

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