An operating subsidiary of Leap Wireless International, CricKet prides itself in providing services to customers who are frustrated with the service of other cellular subscribers. Offering a wide range of plans to its customers, CricKet is considered to be one of the cheapest cell phone services available in the United States.

Benefits of CricKet

Little to no documentation: Unlike other cell phone providers, you could get a CricKet Mobile phone service with minimal documentation. This also means that you could be spared from signing one or two year contracts, which is not the case with other service providers.

Cost effectiveness: CricKet Phone services are known to be the most cost-effective of all other service providers. The highest priced plan of CricKet, CricKet Nation 200, is priced at $60 per month, with the lowest priced plan extending to $30 a month. There really is no other cheaper provider on the market.

Free text messaging: Unlike some other cellular service companies who charge their users for text messaging, CricKet offers free text messaging with all their plans. This allows users to send as many text messages as they want without being charged with a cost per message.

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8 Responses to “CricKet Review: Low cost, poor network infrastructure”

  1. Sadie Says:

    Problematic phone service has been my experience in the Chicagoland area. Unable to make and receive calls reliably, the same with text messaging and web access. Customer service is the worst…if you can even get through to talk to anyone. When you do there pat answer is “go the store where you purchased the phone.” At this time I would not recommend the service, the frustration is simply not worth it no matter how cheap their plans!

  2. name Says:

    I’d like to read the entry in full, but broken java is used on the link to read the rest of the entry. Put the full entry on one page or don’t put it up at all.

  3. maxine Says:

    I agree. Cricket is the most frustrating company I’ve dealt with in a long time. Their customer support, tech support, coverage, and business offices operate with no efficiency, no courtesy. It is a nightmare dealing with them. I’d go to Satan Wireless before I’d use this company again.

  4. cricket dealer Says:

    ill agree even customer services for
    DEALERS suck!! and the representatives dont help at all
    i been trying to run my store with better service but always i have to find a way around customer reps

  5. Jyothsna Says:

    Worst network ever and more frustrating is the customer care

  6. Jeanne Says:

    My order messed up my name so badly, I am extremely concerned about accepting the order when it arrives. Any company that can NOT even get my name andf/or inserts strange unheard of name–worries the heck out of me. I have NO choice except to REFUSE to accept this order at the post office! Despite what I later learned about its fraudulent “no hassle to quit” etc, they lied. It IS quite a hassle, they have to “examine the phone,and tTHEY make determination. On a refurbished “free” phone? Sounds fishy,unscrupulous,etc. Hey, I am quitting befr0e I get entagled with company where “Customer service” is merely voice mail chips. Done,before it’s begun. Plus,they promised “30.00 per month–but biled $35.00

  7. russell Says:

    I ordered a phone they had on their website which has a 40 dollar rebate. This rebate was good only for online orders. I ordered the phone 12/21/10. I get a call the a day later saying the phone in black was out of stock. They can give me a white one. The rep told me to go online and place the order using a certain code she gave me. The code did not work. I called their sales dept on 12/23 and they were able to fill my order, promising that I would get in on the 24th. Their website add promised overnight delivery in time for xmas. I was waiting on the 24th and decided to check with FEDEX. The idiots at Crickett sent my phone out 2nd day service, meaning I would not get it until Monday, the 27th. I had a simple solution I told their customer service rep I can go to one of their company run stores, pick up the same phone and when the original phone comes on the 27th, I will bring it back, unopened in the box. If I fail to return the phone, they can bill me twice. I needed the phone for a xmas present. After 5 phone calls they refused to do it. A customer service supervisor would not talk to me. So Crickett can kiss my ***. If they can’t even take care of new customers properly, there is no way I want to deal with them if I was a customer with a problem. I will go to Boost instead

  8. Dale Armstrong Says:

    Don’t let Cricket screw you like they did me: 1. Bought a Cricket modem for my laptop to take with me in the camper to Seattle for Christmas. Cash only transaction should have been a warning. 2. Tested it; worked fine in Kansas City. 3. Never worked again from KC to Seattle and back. 4. Checked the coverage areas, found out salesperson in Blue Springs had shown me a map of cell phone coverage, not modem coverage. 5. Returned it as soon as we got back from Seattle. 6. Sorry, no refund, your 30 days are up … we don’t care if you extended your trip because your mother died in Seattle. 7. Went to the Independence HQs, told them it was outrageous. They threw me out of the store. Now I’m out $90.

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