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Written by Administrator on October 29th, 2007 in Cell Phone Reviews.

apple iphone reviews

Design : Snazzy all-screen chic

The Apple iPhone itself is essentially an all-screen cell phone, blessed with a “home button” center stage. The phone itself is 4.5″ x 2.4″ x 0.46″, making it just a bit too large for most pockets. The screen is 3.5″, which makes it exponentially larger to other cell phones. The clear, large screen makes it ideal for viewing movies and pictures, instead of the typical “what exactly am I looking at?” feeling one gets with most cell phone screens.

Features: Encyclopedia of media options

There are many phones on the market that feature stylus-style maneuvering, and with the exception of the “home,” volume, and power buttons, the iPhone is all touch-style. The touch-style screen is certainly tremendously fun, but I felt that the screen did not have enough space for my fingers. When dialing, the screen becomes a touch-tone pad, which worked just fine, but when typing, half of the screen became a keyboard. The half-screen keyboard was too small to type quickly, but typing slowly was not much better. The iPhone, does, however, feature predictive text entry, which was the only way I could correctly finish a sentence. With a phone this large, it is important to use two hands while using the screen. I should also mention that after my fingers touched the iPhone, the screen appeared unsanitary, and I had an uncontrollable urge to wash my hands afterwards.

The iPhone utilizes multi-tasking iTunes, which allows you to listen to your music while utilizing other functions. In addition to iTunes, the iPhone also comes with plenty of programs for you to use, including a stock ticker, map, calendar, the Safari internet browser, email, SMS text, weather updates, and…oh yes, it can actually be used as a phone as well.

I found that only a few of these features ran particularly well. For instance, the weather update was very helpful. Did you know it was 79 degrees in Tokyo today? However, the map feature, despite having great potential for being useful, failed me. The screens were loading far too slow, and in the end, gave me the wrong directions. With its large screen and built-in browser, the Safari and iPhone go well together. The iPhone is most likely your best bet for browsing the internet on your phone. However, it is still miles away from replacing a laptop.

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